Mpls. workers urge reforms in day of events - Minneapolis Star Tribune

The Actual groups possess urged Mayor Betsy Hodges as well as council members to pass through a slate of ordinances that would improve the minimal wage, offer compensated sick time to a lot more workers, and stop employers from generating last-minute routine changes as well as requiring employees in order to function back-to-back closing along with opening shifts.

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Duniyo Hussein, who has worked for nearly two years cleaning the Macy's shop at the Mall of America, said the girl works 6 times per week however doesn't deliver residence enough cash to assist the woman's family. "We require vacation, rewards plus a good raise," the lady said. The Girl has not necessarily thrown your ex assistance powering the thought of a citywide wage hike in order to $15, nevertheless provides urged other communities in order to function on a regional wage increase.

one worker in the gathering in the McDonald's about Lake Street already has taken legal action, becoming the member of with some other janitorial workers in a wage-theft lawsuit contrary for you to the contracting organization they will perform for.. "We'd such as compensated sick days. "Ten dollars, $11, we'd like it."

The Actual "Minneapolis Works" day, which usually would happen in order to be to contain speeches and events in most involving Minneapolis' 13 city Council wards, follows a large demonstration with Metropolis Hall within July simply by workers and members of teams such as Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en Lucha (CTUL) and also TakeAction Minnesota.

In the kickoff in order to per day involving events highlighting a new push coming from workers' groups to acquire a higher minimum wage as well as other changes on Thursday, Suffridge as well as other hourly workers stated they need the area for you to step within along with help.

Dressed throughout his uniform of the blue polo shirt plus a black baseball cap, Steven Suffridge stood outside the south Minneapolis McDonald's exactly where he functions and also told an audience that he has struggled to obtain simply by for a extended time in lower wages and no paid out sick time.

Ruth Schultz, an organizer together with CTUL, declared a range of council members seem receptive for the ideas along with in which several planned to show up at Thursday's events. "We want to make positive action happens this year."

"We're fighting for our rights and then for $15 an hour or even so thus we are generally able to offer with regard to ourselves and also our families," he said. "People are extremely supportive," the girl said. Both we go to function sick simply because we can't spend the actual funds for time off if we do not go to perform and we glance from the distinction in our paychecks by missing per day or two."

Suffridge mentioned that he did from fast-food restaurants for a lot more than 16 years, yet he doesn't make enough in order to increase your financial savings account, visit family members or perhaps go see a movie.

Hodges provides stated she backs specifications in scheduling and also sick leave, as well as that she supports an increased minimum wage


Mr Robinson: NBC's new comedy struggles to look past the laugh track - The Guardian

What's the name of the show? Mr Robinson

Is he related to Mrs Robinson from The Graduate? No, he is Craig Robinson, formerly of the American version of The Office.

Why is it that the star of the show gets to play someone with his own name but everyone else has to have fake names? I don't know the answer to that, but it does seem very unfair.

When does Mr Robinson premiere? Wednesday, 5 August, at 9pm ET on NBC. The season is only six episodes and NBC is airing them back-to-back for three weeks.

It's a comedy on NBC, so it has to be good, right? I don't know where you've been, but NBC is having a huge problem with any comedy that requires more of a script than the daily drinking game Hoda and Kathie Lee play. Sure, it used to be the home of Must See TV and Friends, Seinfeld, 30 Rock and the Cosby Show. But those times have changed. Now that Parks & Recreation is off the air, NBC wants out of the critically acclaimed but low-rated comedy game. It passed on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, giving Netflix one of the biggest hits of the year, and instead is focusing on more mundane, three-camera sitcoms with the laugh track intact.

So that's what this show is? You betcha.

Are those rating better? Well, Big Bang Theory rates super well for CBS, but so far NBC hasn't been able to make anything as good as Big Bang Theory.

Damn, that is quite the burn. It's true. This show was made by brothers Robb and Mark Cullen, who are veterans of a number of TV shows none of which were ever really popular.

What's it about? Craig Robinson (Craig Robinson) is in a small-time funk band called Nasty Delicious that sings songs about Chocolate Muffins (it's a double entendre) and having a mirror on the ceiling. He plays with his brother Ben (Brandon T Jackson) and they're both broke. When Craig reconnects with his high school girlfriend Victoria (Meagan Good), he finds out she's a teacher. He wants to ask her out again, so he gets a job as a substitute music teacher at the same high school where she works. Unfortunately, he's under the eye of meddlesome principal Eileen (Peri Gilpin of Frasier fame) and her more supportive boss (Tim Bagley). He also hangs out with the wacky math teacher (Asif Ali), the math teacher who is also a stripper (Spencer Grammer, Kelsey's daughter), and the gym teacher, Magnum PE (Ben Koldyke). He teaches a bunch of super cute kids and he loves them so much he decides to become their teacher full time while turning gigs at night.

Damn. There are a whole lot of people on that show? Far too many. And I didn't even tell you about all the kids whose names you're supposed to know. The only funny one is named DJ Phone Book.

Someone carrying a yoga mat and drinking a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks is edgier and more original than this show

Is this show any good? Someone carrying a yoga mat and drinking a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks is edgier and more original than this show. The contrived backstory, the group of misfits who work together but are friends, the guy trying to win a girl who is far above what he deserves - this is essentially the same as Cheers but without any of the funny parts or the pathos of Sam being an alcoholic that runs a bar. The third episode of the show is about the principal losing her boss's dog when he goes away on a business trip and leaves the dog in her care. We've never seen that before on any sitcom ever.

Robinson is actually a very likable guy, has a great presence on screen, and can do the best with the scant material that he's given. But everything here is so basic and simplistic, you can see the resolutions coming from a mile away and, sorry to say, they aren't being trailed by hilarity.

That's not to say that a very broad comedy can't be good or funny. Look at CBS's Mom, which is one of the smartest, darkest comedies on television and it has a laugh track just like this one. The thing is that Mom gives the old formula some spins to update it and make it modern. Not only does Mr Robinson feel dated, I swear I've seen the sets in episodes of old shows. (If his apartment isn't the same one that was on How I Met Your Mother with a new paint job, I don't have eyes in my head.) If NBC is going to go broad it's going to need to stop recycling old material and find something new.

How's Nasty Delicious? They are actually the best part of the show. I'd much rather see 30 minutes of Robinson singing funny songs each week than have to put up with the rest of this tedium.

Should you watch this show? No, you shouldn't. And if this keeps up, you can write off NBC's comedies altogether.

Music industry leader Tandy Rice dies - The Tennessean

Rice established Top Payment International, which stood for a who's which of the c and w sector. He was proceeded in fatality by his kid, Clint Rice. Hall, passed away from respiratory failing at Centennial Healthcare facility in Nashville on Monday. During his influential profession, Mr. Rice was known for his overblown individuality, which served him well as host of WLAC's "Excellent Early morning Nashville" program. The Franklin native rose via the ranks of the Nashville's music industry after finishing from The Citadel and serving airborne Make.

Mr. Rice served on various songs market and also public boards, notably as head of state of the Nation Songs Association's board of supervisors in 1981.

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Mr. Rice was honored as the very first conscript right into the Nashville Organization of Talent Supervisors Hall of Popularity.

"He was an amusing, epic number that is probably the most loving and also kind human being you 'd ever fulfill," said Mr. He also served on the board for the Nashville Location Chamber of Trade, the Nashville Rotating Club and also Fight Ground Academy. In 1983 Mr. Rice was a judge for the Miss The u.s.a Pageant. Memorial solutions are pending.

Get to Nate Rau at 615-259-8094 and also on Twitter @tnnaterau.

Tandy Rice, a noticeable Music Row number whose ability company pushed the jobs of Porter Wagoner, Dolly Parton, Jim Ed Brown as well as Tom T. He was 76.

Mr. In 2014 Mr. Rice also held the United Cerebral Palsy Telethon for years, acted as a complement lecturer at Belmont University, was energetic in the Kid Precursors as well as functioned as vice president of the Nation Music Retired life Residence Task. "I can't tell you what a remarkable person and daddy he was.".

Tandy Rice died Monday at the age of 76.(Image: The Tennessean)Buy Image.

Mr. Rice's daughter Cynthia Rice Simonet of Columbus, Ohio. Rice is made it through by his little girls, Simonet and Marjorie Rice Mason, together with 6 grandchildren as well as one great-grandchild. Rice used his success in the music industry to repay to the neighborhood via his help various charities and also for his cherished alma mater, for which he began a long-running scholarship fund.


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